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Kenneth Sandberg – Bass & Backing Vox

Christer Krogh – Vox & Guitar

Richard Opsahl-Engen – Guitar & Backing Vox

Thomas Pytterud – Drums & Percussion & Backing Vox


Grand Café is a Norwegian rockband from Oslo, Norway.

Formed in 2001 by Christer Krogh (vocals & guitars) and Kenneth Sandberg (bass & vocals). Grand Café started out as a massive three-piece band heavily influenced by the late sixties Detroit rock scene.

This resulted in the critically acclaimed EP ‘Rock & Roll Revolution’ (2002).



The following years have consisted of excessive touring, including special guest performances with Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Turbonegro, Atomic Swing etc. Grand Café also contributed on the Ramones Tribute ‘Leaving Home’ (Ignorance is Bliss), ‘A Scandinavian Tribute to Roky Erickson’ (Alien I Creator) and ‘Omega Motherfuckers – Tribute to Turbonegro’ (Mister Sister). The band has also been guest artists for children´s music school on several occations, playing along to encourage children´s music interest.



‘Put A Little Grease On My Axe!’ is Grand Cafés first full-length album. It was released in October 2008. By now the line-up had changed. Grand Café now includes a furious Hammond B3 organ. This feelgood boogie/soul album turns people on to Grand Café in Norway as well as the rest of Europe. The following tour also included a new drummer.

This handsome foursome is now by far the most rockin´ and groovy Norwegian outfit. With hits like ‘Leave This Town’ and ‘Take What You Want’ the band also recieved a lot of airplay. The soul influenced 7 inch vinyl single ‘Let Loose’ was released in the wake of ‘ Put A Little Grease on my axe!´.

This single also received fantastic reviews.



In the summer of 2009, Grand Café returned to the studio to write songs for their next EP and full-length album. Together with producer Lars Voldsdal (Madrugada, Turbonegro, Hellbillies, Taking Back Sunday, Honningbarna etc.) the band generates a whole new sound. With songwriter Christer Krogh in the driver seat, Grand Café brings the listener to a much darker landscape than before. The EP ´Million Miles Away´ was released on November 11th 2011, and gave a taste of what was coming.
While recording they were touring UK, Germany, Sweden and Norway.

The bands latest full-length album, ‘Elm Tree Gardens’, was released April 26th 2013. Followed by a Norwegian Tour running from spring of 2013 to the spring of 2014.

While touring in the fall they decided to record a Christmas single named ‘Tonight’ as a thank you to their fans. The single was released in December and enjoyed a lot of airplay on national radio.


In the fall of 2015 the band made a double digital single release with the songs ‘Berlin’ and ‘Animal’. Both got airplay at Norwegian National radio channel NRK, but ‘Berlin’ came out as most popular amongst the audience. It was followed by a music video in early fall, a video that showed the band on a white trash camping trip where it all goes wrong.

In early winter of 2015 a 7″ vinyl split single with Red Headed Sluts was released. Grand Cafè contributed with ‘Spirits At My House’. It was released in celebration to the record store Backbeat Kaffe og Vinyl 4 year anniversary.

Right after releasing ‘Elm Tree Gardens’ the work on writing songs for the next album started.


On stage this is a band you want to see over and over again.

Screaming but stern guitars, a thunderbolt percussion artillery and the playful, heavy bass that hits you right in the chest.
In addition to four firm male singing voices that brings you on a journey through sorrow and joy.

Grand Cafè is well known for their great live performances.



Didrik “D” Mysen Lund – Hammond B3 & Piano & Backing Vox (2008-2014)
Henrik Odde Gustavsen – Drums (2008)
Odd Edvard “Oddi” Lund – Drums (2002-2007)
Børge Sageng Henriksen – Drums (2001-2002)